ACAVA has worked with Stoke-on-Trent City Council, supported by Arts Council England, to renovate two factory floors at the former Spode Works to create 43 artists’ studios, helping to bring life back to one of the Potteries’ defining legacies.
The studios occupy the historic and expansive Spode Works site, a collection of architecturally significant factory buildings, which had seen continuous production of Spode ware for over 250 years until its closure in 2008 causing a devastating loss of jobs.
Today, the studios are part the City Council’s ambitious vision to build a thriving creative community within the Spode site, including galleries, exhibition space and other creative uses. The studios provide space for the single largest concentration of creative practitioners in the city. Stoke town is already seeing new artist-led, creative and community initiatives getting started since the opening of the studios, alongside more established creative enterprises in the area.

ACAVA is committed to engaging with local communities through arts activities based around the studios, ensuring the long-term sustainability of studio provision in Stoke with our partners, private sector developers, universities, health services, schools and other agencies.

In line with all ACAVA studios, the Spode studios will open to the public over a weekend at least once a year, inviting people inside to see first-hand artists carrying out their practice. The studios will also be a focus for wide ranging arts activities, exhibitions and events.