We aim to address the site’s accessibility and have implemented the following features. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding these accessibility issues, please contact ACAVA on

  • Our site is built semantically on HTML5 standards.
  • A consistent style of presentation is used between pages.
  • The menu structure is clear and the menu can be accessed at both header and footer of every page.
  • The content of each page has been organised into separate sections for clarity.  These sections are replicated visually in all pages.
  • The contrast between text, images and icons against their background follows web accessibility standards.
  • The font-size has been set as a percentage that changes depending on the size of the browser window. You can change the size of the font throughout the site by modifying your browser’s preferences.
  • All images contain a text-based alternative.
  • The disabling of the site’s styling (CSS) does not affect the structure or sitemap of the site.