Asha Tank

Asha Tank is a multimedia fluid artist. She has been experimenting with flowing abstract techniques for the past 3 years, although she has over 20 years experience as an artist.

Asha’s speciality is acrylic poured paintings, single pours on either canvas or wood using acrylic paints mixed with various pouring mediums. Results are truly organic and random in nature, no two pieces are ever alike. Currently she is concentrating on combining abstract with realism – further embellishing her pours with hand-painted tree landscapes.

More recently she has also expanded into alcohol ink art… these highly reactive inks are applied to synthetic paper to create very soothing, naturally calming liquid artwork. She also uses alcohol inks to create chemical reactions within epoxy resin – resulting in amazing 3D special effects. These partially transparent resin creations feature ink ‘blooms’ suspended for all time.

Asha’s methods are very scientific in nature with a high degree of unexpected results… all her art is fluid and random by result. This blend of ‘chemistry art’ is a rewarding release, therapeutic and amazingly addictive!

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