Belinda Latimer

I am an Artist who creates work focusing on memories, nostalgia and everyday observations, using a wide range of media – from Metal, Textiles, Paint and Print. My practice also incorporated an understanding of personal Well Being, brought about by the creation of Art in all its forms. There is a deep-seated need for all of us to create and express our innermost thoughts. For most people this stops when we leave formal education. Art enables us to escape and have a time engaging with something that releases us from the everyday. Art should be for everyone, regardless of age, ability and place in society. An integral part of my business is creating opportunities for others to improve their Well-being and lives through Art Workshops, Courses and Retreats. I thrive enabling others to engage in their own creativity – especially if they are lacking in confidence or need to develop their ability to communicate artistically. Giving something back to society is of huge importance to me. Born in the Staffordshire Moorlands in the 1970’s and still based in North-Staffordshire, I am finally living my artistic dream and loving every moment.

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