Mel Bose

Aka The Terrain Tutor. Grey haired, long toothed, life long model maker and hoarder of potentially useful junk. Now focusing his miniscaping passion into sharing his knowledge through his Youtube channel. With over 20 years experience, he runs one of the worlds most popular Youtube wargaming channel and with over 30k subscribers, the most popular ‘Terrain’ (scenic models used to play tabletop games) related channel on Youtube. He’s worked on commissions for some of the largest games companies in the world, including SEGA. He frequently produces feature piece for shows and has had his work shown around the world and in various publications. When not sharing his skills, or building feature boards, he spends his time building pieces that have raised thousands for charity. Often found wandering the Spodeworks hallways with an empty but still warm coffee mug perfecting his procrastination skills.